Hi, I'm Nikki Kellogg.

As a photographer, I am driven by my love for capturing images that tell a story. My first love for photography began at a young age when I used to take photos with a Kodak 110 film and flashbulbs. With my new digital cameras and lenses, and ever-evolving photography skills, I specialize in taking photographs of architecture, cars, pets, and people. I strive to create images that are unique and non-traditional in order to stand out from the crowd, but I've felt this strong desire to help others by creating beautiful lasting images of their loved one's Celebration of Life.

I have lost all four grandparents, (one grandmother when I was only 13 years old), and we have no pictures from any of their funerals. I felt an emptiness with their absence, and couldn't seem to find that final closure because I don't remember much from those events. Who was there to pay their respects? What did the flower arrangements look like? What color was the beautiful casket? Let me help you find that closure and help with the healing process with heartfelt photography that you can view when you are ready.

Nikki Kellogg Photography

A Blog About Funeral Facts

Did you know that people have been practicing funerary rituals for tens of thousands of years? Funeral customs vary widely around the world, and throughout history. I started posting funeral-related posts every Friday on Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtag #FuneralFriday, with the purpose of sharing educational facts about funerals, cemeteries, hearses, and other death-related rituals. The goal is to provide knowledge and comfort, and to pay tribute to a life well lived. To read more interesting blog posts, click on BLOG from the menu.


“I am so grateful that we had pictures taken at my husband's funeral. The pictures provide a beautiful memory of his celebration of life. Nikki was professional and discreet and very accommodating.”


“Coming soon...”