Why Hire a Funeral Photographer?

Funeral and memorial photography has become an increasingly popular way to honor and remember those who have passed away. Talking about and dealing with death is tough in our society. Professional funeral photography, that genuinely captures real moments, allows this process to be accepted a little easier, but more importantly, with appreciation and dignity. Losing a loved one can be stressful, emotional, and just a blur of memories when looking back on the events. Photographing a funeral or memorial service is a perfect way to cherish those memories, view family and friends who arrived to share the celebration of the decedent's life, and to preserve the event for generations to come. Professional funeral photography can provide comfort throughout the grieving process long after that day is gone.

What is offered:

- Discrete and respectful, giving people their space.

- Complete customized packages as per your family's wishes.

- Coordinate with your family, funeral director, and officiant on any policies, regardless of religious denomination, beliefs, or status.

- Dress according to the requested funeral dress code, but usually in a black button shirt and slacks or a skirt.

- Keep to myself, not interacting with you or your guests unless addressed.

- Stay in the background and stay invisible with a long-range zoom lens.

- The flash will be removed from my camera, so there won’t be any distracting lights.

- Avoid anyone who does not want to be photographed or appears uncomfortable.

- If someone directly asks to be photographed, I can honor that at the appropriate time.

- Can include family photos and groups since it’s rare that everyone can be together at the same event.

- Reach out to your family to let you know an estimated time frame for finished images.

- Provide a private online viewing gallery, not visible to the public.

-A keepsake album is available to include photographs from the wake and funeral, eulogies or tributes, old photos, poems, favorite recipes, a story, song lyrics, and even a family tree if desired.

Every funeral tells a unique story, and those stories are what can be kept alive with my photography.

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