What is an Urn?

An urn is a vase with a cover, a narrowed neck, a rounded body, and a footed pedestal. The term "urn" usually refers to its use rather than its shape or origin. Funerary urns (also called cinerary urns and burial urns) are often used to hold cremated ashes or grave goods in burials. The use of urns for funerary purposes dates back to ancient civilizations. The earliest known pottery urns were discovered in a Jiahu site in China dating back to around 7000 BC.

Today, urns come in a variety of materials and designs and are used by many cultures and religions around the world. There are many different types of urns available, made from a variety of materials, including wood, stone, ceramic, glass, and steel. For those who are environmentally conscious, biodegradable urns made from natural materials will decompose over time, and some even include a seed that can be planted to grow into a tree at the burial site.

In addition to the more traditional funeral urns, there are a variety of other options available for keeping a loved one or pet's remains close. Small keepsake urns, glass globes, ash jewelry, and even artwork can all be used to hold a small portion of the ashes as a meaningful and personal tribute. To see some examples, go to https://www.nikkikelloggphotography.com/links/ and scroll to the bottom.