Word Of The Day: Coimetrophilia

Happy National Teachers Day(May 3rd), and Funeral Friday, as I teach all sorts of funeral and death-related subjects. Today's word is Coimetrophilia! It's derived from the Greek words "koimētērion" meaning "sleeping place" or "dormitory" and "philia" meaning "love" or "fondness."

For some, it's a deeply personal connection, perhaps stemming from an interest in history, architecture, or genealogy. Others find solace and introspection in the serene atmosphere of cemeteries, viewing them as places of quiet reflection and remembrance.

Many coimetrophiles appreciate the artistic and architectural elements found in older cemeteries, such as ornate gravestones, elaborate mausoleums, and beautiful landscaping. Some may even engage in activities like gravestone rubbing or photography to capture the unique beauty of these spaces.

For others, coimetrophilia involves a fascination with the stories of the people buried in cemeteries. Each gravestone represents a life lived, and exploring the epitaphs and symbols can provide insights into local history, social customs, and cultural traditions.

Overall, coimetrophilia is a deeply personal and diverse interest that encompasses a wide range of emotions and experiences related to cemeteries and the people buried within them.