What's Inside A Mausoleum?

Ever peeked inside a mausoleum? The main thing you'll find inside a mausoleum is the deceased's remains. These are typically housed in one of two ways:

1. Crypts: These are chambers built into the walls or floor of the mausoleum. Caskets or urns containing cremated ashes are placed inside the crypts, which are then sealed.

2. Niches: These are small compartments built into the walls, often found in a columbarium, which is a specific section of a mausoleum designed for cremated remains.

Beyond that, the interior design of a mausoleum can vary greatly. Some mausoleums are quite plain, while others are very elaborate. Here are some other things you might find inside:

1. Sarcophagi: These are ornate stone coffins that are sometimes used instead of crypts.

2. Statues and religious iconography: These are especially common in older mausoleums, reflecting the deceased's religion or cultural background.

3. Marble or other fine materials: Wealthier families may have chosen to have their mausoleums built with expensive materials and decorations.

4. Stained glass windows: many mausoleums have a single window, beautifully decorated with colorful stained glass.

This one has two vases that held flowers at one point long ago. If you had a mausoleum, what would you have in yours?