Geneseo NY Poorhouse Cemetery

These lonely gravestones are located across from the Wegmans plaza on Volunteer Road, in Geneseo NY, the New County Poorhouse Cemetery was established in late 1907, with the last burial around 1940.

The cemetery was created in approximately 1907 by the Livingston County Board of Supervisors specifically for the burial of individuals who passed away at the Livingston County Home, which was previously referred to as the Poorhouse.

The original location of the county "poorhouse" was on the opposite side of Route 20A, which included the brick house next to Denny's. However, in 1850, the poorhouse was relocated to Millennium Drive, and in 1950, it was moved to the front of Millennium Drive, where it currently houses the town of Geneseo offices and other agencies.

The individuals laid to rest in this burial ground are believed to have passed away while residing in the poorhouse. In order to safeguard the dignity and privacy of their families, the gravestones only bear the deceased's initials and age.

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