Independent Order of Odd Fellows

You may occasionally see three chain links on a gravestone, which are the insignia of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. This organization, founded in 1819 in Baltimore, Maryland, is dedicated to providing respectable burials for the poor. The Odd Fellows recognize the certainty of death and use this awareness to reflect on how they will live their lives. They strive to master their thoughts and actions and focus on serving others.

The three links might have the letters "F", "L", and "T" on them. These letters represent Friendship, Love, and Truth, which are values that Odd Fellows hold dear. They work towards overcoming their weaknesses without being judgmental towards others. They strive to be a friend to everyone and carefully consider their actions and words. The Independent Order of Odd Fellows can now be found in over 30 countries.

The next symbol is unknown, and the crossed shepherd's crooks are symbolic of God’s Spirit, a symbol of guidance, support, and strength, which can represent the opening of the Heavens.