What is the White Bicycle on the side of the road?

I talked about roadside memorials in the past, but this one is a bit more specific. A ghost bike, also known as a ghostcycle or WhiteCycle, is a memorial that is placed at the location where a cyclist has been fatally injured or severely harmed, typically by a motor vehicle. These memorials serve as a reminder to motorists to share the road and promote safer driving practices. Ghost bikes are often old bicycles that have been painted white and may have a placard attached. They are securely locked to a nearby object near the site of the accident.

The ghost bike memorial project was initiated in St. Louis in 2003 after a bicyclist was struck by a motorist. Patrick Van Der Tuin placed a white-painted bicycle at the site of the accident with a sign indicating what had happened. This had a noticeable impact on motorists, prompting Van Der Tuin to collaborate with friends to place additional "ghost bikes" in prominent locations where cyclists had been hit by cars in the St. Louis area. Ghost bikes have become a global phenomenon, with over 630 of these memorial bicycles appearing in more than 210 locations worldwide.